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The only American company that is truly a direct source of Mexican Beach Pebbles.
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Baja California - Our Source of Highest Quality Mexican River Rock

The mines of Best Mexican Beach Pebbles™ are located in Baja California, the northernmost state of Mexico. Baja California is known as a popular tourist destination. However, this area also boasts a unique geography and climate that help create some of the highest quality pebble stones in the world.

The Pacific coast of Baja California is surrounded by the cold California Current. In contrast, the interior of Baja California is hot and dry. The temperature difference often creates a layer of marine fog along the Baja coast, and it also helps create multi-colored, very smooth beach pebbles on the shores of Baja. It is the unique combination of the cold California Current, tall Pacific waves and heat coming down from the Baja mountain ranges that explains why this area is the source of the highest quality pebble stone of all colors and shades, from black beach pebbles to translucent white pebble.

Please explore the gallery below to learn more about the climate and geography of Baja California. If you would like to learn more about how we pick, process and package our beach pebbles / river rock, visit Our Process page.

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Note to Our Valued Customers: Please note that beach pebbles (river rocks) are a 100% natural product, and therefore pebbles are never completely uniform in size, shape and color. Although Best Mexican Beach Pebbles™ exceeds the industry standard in sorting its pebble stone products, the company cannot guarantee a 100% size, shape and size uniformity.
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